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The concept of a new product it’s always a great challenge, that we face with enthusiasm and determination. Aesthetic, functionality, technology, and costs are important factors for the development of a successful project, that we consider carefully starting from the first steps of the project. One of the characteristics that distinguishes us as an Industrial Design studio is the use of a new design method, called Strategic Design.
Along of our professional activity, we have seen the concept of design evolve and become more complex, in the face of an increasingly competitive and sophisticated market. If in fact years ago the concept of design, and aesthetics, was linked more mostly on giving a pleasant and technically correct shape (in terms of functionality, ergonomics and feasibility) , nowadays it’s also distinguished by elements belonging to “Marketing” and “Branding” concepts, such as:

Recognition and brand recognition and strengthening of the market position

Improvement of the quality perceived by users

Distinction from other competitors

Improvement of the communication of the technical and innovation characteristics of the product to users.

[ image of Ferrari vs Lamborghini]

Same product, a sporty and high performances car, two completely different design languages, that allows the customers to recognize the manufacturers even without to see the company logos…

Until a few years ago, the development of these themes and aesthetic was left to the intuition and talent of the designer, who “to his taste” interpreted the project giving shape to an aesthetic proposal. To make the development of design more effective and controllable, both in terms of process management and performances (in the product perception by users), the “Strategic Design” method was born in recent years, which focuses on the study and creation of a “design language”, capable of achieving the aesthetic and branding results described above.

The “Strategic design” therefore consists in the selection of the values to be broadcasted through the design, through research of the aesthetic elements (shapes, colors, patterns, finishes etc.) able to represent by analogy these values, and finally in the experimentation by sketches and drawings of new styles and designs.

The “Strategic Design” can be used to underline a moment of company change (such as the launch of a new particularly innovative product, the presentation of a new range of products, the entry into a new market segment, etc.), or to attract attention to products and attest to a leading position in the market.
Hypersport Sketch
Through the creation of accurate and advanced virtual 3D models, we transform ideas into real products, evaluating different technologies and materials, dialoguing with internal technical representatives and external suppliers, to find the best solution in terms of performance, quality, and costs. We use different 3D modelling software, among which Solidworks (for mechanical design and product design), Autodesk Alias (for automotive design and Class “A” surfaces), plus other softwares for rendering and photo-retouch.
The 3D model elaborated in-fact can be used to create photorealistic images of the final product through rendering and photo-retouch processes.
The 3D models designed can be easily transformed into prototypes in a few days, for both aesthetic and technical evaluation. With the latest generation of rapid prototyping machines, it is possible to obtain objects with the same mechanical characteristics of the final product. We are also able to provide 1:1 scale models in Polystyrene, Polyurethane, or other materials, obtained by CNC.
Thanks to the collaboration with Pantheon Design, a prototyping company based in Vancouver, BC, we are also able to create working prototypes of products, motorcycles, and vehicles.